New Communication Channels for Business

With the advent of social media, there is a wave of new ways business can use to advertise online.

Most of the new ways are cheap, or free for business to use, although there is also paid commercial space available on social media sites as well. To start on Facebook for example, a business can start up a business page for free. They can encourage their customers to like and share their page with their friends. Then their friends may like and share the page with their other friends if it is a page that they find of interest. This generates free advertising for a business, as well as gives a business a way to contact clients or customers in new ways. Now most people have Facebook, as well as a smartphones it is a way for a business to contact a customer wherever they are at any time of the day.

This same mode of contact also gives customers and clients a new way to contact the business, they may wish to congratulate about good product or service, ask questions or maybe even lodge a complaint. This can work both ways for the business, as good comments can encourage people to go and try the services that they offer, but there is also the chance that bad comments will turn people away from the business. The business must me very careful how complaints are dealt with, and how other people see them after a complaint has been made public on social media. A swift resolution is always essential, as well as making sure that your customer gets a satisfactory outcome, as well as your business.


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